Young Africa Educative Program

Literacy, Parity & Inclusion

The Young Africa Educative Program is a voluntary social initiative  born out of a profound desire to promote digitech literacy and network inclusion through community and shared platforms. YAEP is an enabling initiative to gather both young and seasoned techthusiasts with the concept of sustained learning exchanges.  It connects with techies outreaching to non-techies on tech talks and educative awareness where everyone gets the opportunity to be part of digital literacy. We help improve connection and access to digitech parity. Other social initiatives: 

FinTech in the City was created by a visionary leader and CONFEJES laureate, MS. Selena Roopnarain  launched in June 2019 to gather seasoned technologists, thought leaders and unknown champions in the fintech space to outreach to the community.  24 FinTech editions have been achieved so far. FinTech in the City hosts private editions too.

Another platform series named InnoVAFun : https://innovafun.org combines the values of innovation with artistic creatives & fun thoughts that can engage more agility.

YAEP curated with LIFEFAF in Mauritius also supports Pan-African exchanges, INSPIRE Tech4good & the YALI network.

L&D Literacy SERIES

- Tech for a good cause & social impact
-Digital Transformation 5.0, D.I  & emerging tech 
-Ethical tech & governance
-Artificial Intelligence/ML & Robotics/IoT, A.R
-Intellectual Property/ IP Law insights 
- Social media & the new normal
- Financial literacy/FinTech/Blockchain /Token Economy/ D.A/
-Cyber-data & online security/ Youth mental health 
- Women in tech & servant leadership
- Creatives & agile values for innovation

Research L&D

Social inclusion

CECSV Alternative

Community outreach

INSPIRE Tech4Good kickstarted  Edition 1on the 29th April and will be up  till  December 2021.

 Join us for Cybersecurity 2.0 on the 14th of May,  FinTech on the 11th of June  followed by other editions on digital and mental health, cybersecurity.5.0, women in the tech space, reframing AI & FinTech, 1st DeFI conf for Mauritius as Edition 26 of FiTC, Debate on Fin &Tech Skills, Debate of available infrastructures to improve the ecosystem, Tech for good applications. Edition 6 is here already : linkedin.com/yaep

An intro to social media and online marketing

For NGOs, social enterprises, micro women entrepreneurs & educators
Hosted by Quantum & Lifefa
Venue: LAKAZ D'ART artistic space

Live radio interview

Live radio interview program with various speakers to educate on digital transformation. With LIFEFAF, YALI, MIPS & Maher of FiTC hosted at KOOL FM in collaboration with YAEP


Emerging Technologies

Hosted by Turbine Incubator, Spoon Consulting, MIoD & Lifefaf & YAEP in Moka

Outdoors learning on the ethical side of Artificial intelligence and applications in various sectors

AI for good SERIES 
Social impact of AI improving entities and humanity

Hosted by: LIFEFA, YAEP, FitC
Venue: SD WORX, Ebene

FinTech Exchange Panelists from South Africa, Europe and Mauritius

Hosted by : LIFEFAF, MIoD, YAEP
Venue partner : SD WORX, Ebene

         FinTech & BTC Trends, volume,

When the community is served and exchanges without barriers of techies or non techs, the whole ecosystem grows with it. Demystifying the big tech terms into digestible ones makes it more accessible to everyone.
By the people for the people. 


Enroll your interests to support the INSPIRE Tech4good kickstart on the 29th of April till December 2021

Contact: Patricia  on yaepa@pm.me 

Because Together We Can Make Life Better
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